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Cultural Getaways

Cultural Getaways

All year :

The domain of Kerguéhennec

The domain of Kerguéhennec

Located in the commune of Bignan, the domain of Kerguéhennec proposes a meeting between heritage and contemporary creation. Built in the 18th century, the castle is in the heart of a landscaped area since the Middle Ages.

At the end of the 19th century the park, with an area of ​​45 hectares, was remodeled by Denis Bühler. Created in 1986 on the initiative of the Ministry of Culture, the most important sculpture park in Europe, has become a reference point for the presentation of contemporary sculpture.

It brings together more than thirty works by major artists. The artistic program of the Domaine de Kerguéhennec focuses on the dialogue between art, architecture and landscape.


In summer :

Art in the chapels

Art in the chapels

In the heart of the country of Pontivy, in the Blavet valley, art in the chapels presents each summer the works of contemporary artists on sites presenting the diversity of the religious heritage of this territory.

Art in the chapels invites contemporary artists to dialogue with the religious heritage of the valley of Blavet and Pays de Pontivy. Four marked trails lead you on a route that connects the landscape to the chapel, contemporary painting with polychrome sculpture, religious architecture to the art of today.

The festival of Malguénac

The festival of Malguénac

The Festival Arts of cities, arts of the fields is held every month of August, since 1997, in Malguénac. Organized by the association Polyculture, the festival offers jazz concerts And world music as part of a multidisciplinary and popular event. The festival included Christian Vander Trio, Archie Shepp, Michel Portal, Avishai Cohen, Thomas de Pourquery and Bernard Lubat.

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